Happy beginning!?

I remember studying latin as a teenager and the teacher asked a question that made us think: “What’s harder – beginnings or endings?”. To this day I still debate in  my mind, although valid points were made on each side. When something ends, you know already what happened and there is a whole spectrum of emotions that can appear, from remorse,sadness, happiness or relief. While something new can be scary, exciting or even overwhelming, as you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Ever notice how most people are looking for a happy ending? Dedicate time to look for the right situation, person or activity that will finally bring happiness… in the end. In fact, I don’t think I ever heard someone wishing someone else a “happy  beginning”. It’s even better if you struggle a little bit in the beginning. You’re not supposed to have it come easy!

You’re supposed to hate “the struggle” so that in the end you can say “it was  all worth it”. Well, today I am starting to write my thoughts here and I can already declare that it will be worth it.


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