Norwegian is an environmentally-friendly language


As I was looking at the city of Ålesund from above for the first time in a beautiful summer day, I was obviously thinking about how the three R’s of the environment- reduce, reuse and recycle – are used even in language.

In Norwegian, words are reused to their maximum potential and recycled so that we reach a point where you can form a perfectly good complex sentence by only using two words, if you are repeating them often enough. Moreover, they are reduced to two, maximum three letter words, as it is in the question Er det det det er?

What’s ironic is that all this effort is put into forming a rather redundant question meaning: Is this what this is? 

Either way, cool to know. And to practice  saying it faster and faster.

12 thoughts on “Norwegian is an environmentally-friendly language

  1. I love how you were thinking something deep and interesting while looking out over the city. I’m the same way! My minds always looking for meaning in things. This was an interesting read. Thanks!


  2. astudyinskaarlet

    I love learning new things about Norway because that’s where my great grandparents were from! This is so interesting – short, simple, and to the point (sounds like my family haha)!


  3. herprettybravesoul

    This is so funny but also a tongue twister!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    I think it’s an interesting language and I definitely wanto to visit Norway one day 🙂


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