What do you call a meteorite proven to be just a rock?

meteowrong. It´s no joke, there is even an entire gallery dedicated to them.

The other night I found out about the chemical found near Cummington which is cummingtonite. That´s good, but taconite is even better.


Moving on to lighter matters, here comes arsole! If six of them are bonded together, you can apply the prefix “sexi” to get “sexiarsole”. Too much? How about just ASS, which is an acronym for argininosuccinate synthetase, a chemical found in the brain. So it seems some people really do think with their ASSes…

But seriously, there is no joke about this diabolic acid, called this way because it is misleading and difficult to isolate.

And, of course, I couldn´t forget about draculin, a protein found in the saliva of vampire bats. The origin of the name Dracula, is “dracu”, which actually means “the devil” in my language. I would say that draculout could be a great name for exorcism processions, since they claim to be literally taking the devil (dracul) out. But that is just in my mind, at the moment. Maybe it will catch on.


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