Faro way, far away in Algarve, Portugal

 Mighty train takes me to Faro

As I´m humming to myself, I start remembering vividly my visit to Faro. From the sweet colourful train that took me there from Loulé


I could tell that this is no ordinary place. Faro is the capital of Algarve and also Algarve´s hub, as regional services that cover the entire area depart from Faro bus and train station. Therefore, it was suitable for a one-day stop, which started at the Marina.

 Getting lost in the cobbled streets of old town Faro 

It was refreshing to walk down the cobbled streets, which were not too crowded, just enough to give it a buzzing vibe (attention: not recommended for high heels!).


 Beware of padarias

As the sun was warming me just enough to give me a pleasant feeling, I continued exploring the city. Small bakeries that go by the name of “padaria”were enticing me with their freshly baked goods, but I resisted, powered through until I arrived at the park, where I could marvel at some modern art(?)


 What I didn’t visit in Faro, but you could

As the end of my time in Faro was approaching, I thought of one more place I could have visited here: the bone chapel, Capela dos Ossos, where the bones of the overcrowded cemeteries were incorporated into the design of the chapel. Quite a sight, I imagine. But then I remembered that I have seen a similar chapel in Lima and there are only so many skulls one can see in a lifetime!

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