My name is Nicoleta and I have two passions: travelling and learning foreign languages. For me, they go hand in hand and so far I have managed to visit 30 countries across 4 continents and speak 5 languages. And I am just getting started!

When I travel, I like to experience the place with all my senses and when I write about it, I tell a story. While enjoying the local food and scenery, listening to the people speaking and following the images they create with their words, I quickly discover language similarities and peculiarities and find myself making word associations  or puns.

I experienced the places on my own terms, travelling really slow or really fast at times. Some places resonate with me and I end up staying there for years, living like a local; others make me want to leave after a few days. And I have the freedom to do all that.

My story started a long time ago, but I get to write it down now.

To be continued…